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 [GM] Rules

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PostSubject: [GM] Rules   Mon Apr 15, 2013 12:00 pm

1.Event - you can make up to 4 events per week. If you want to do more events consult it with administrators or [GM]_FiRaRiST_.
Most often made event is Hide and seek or Medusa. For player, who wins reward is given.
For hide and seek you can give an avatar,magic stone devil spirit, Devil spirit M(15%).
Player gets only one item from the list and you can do max 4 rounds of Hide and Seek event.
For Medusa event you can give an avatar, 3 sebekun jewel, 2 magic stone devil spirit, Inventory expansion,
storage expansion or devil spirit S(20%).You can always give only one reward from the list.

2. Support for players - main task of GM is to support the players (answering to their questions).
Another main task of GM is to make game more interesting to play for the players,so it isnt still the same.
If you don't know answer to some questions or need help with GM work, please contact the administrator or [GM]_FiRaRiST_.

3.Items for players - Players can't get get any Items other than those that they win the event.
Observer to rules,this will be very strictly controlled.

4.Insulting- In case you are witness of insulting players each other, you can give DC as warning.
If the warnign does't help contact administrator or [GM]_FiRaRiST_.This player will get ban for some time.

5.PVP- GM can't participate in PVP against players or abase them.
Be friendly to players and they will reward you with respect.

6.Here is list of server rules:
1. Be friendly to other players! Flaming and insultions are forbidden!
2. Using bugs of any kind(exchange bug,...) during jobing,pvp or Fortress War is strictly forbidden.
3. Advertising for other Servers and Websites is strictly forbidden, as well as spamming via Globals! - Permanent ban
4. Begging for Items and Events is not allowed!
5. pk2 Editing for character profit (Invisible-hack, ...) are not allowed!
6. Don't pretend to be a GM and don't use an account or character name similar to a GM.
7. Do NOT share your account info with anyone else, we are not responsible for hacking of accounts if you share your info.
8. Boting is allowed!
9. If you find someone breaking the rules contact GM or Support.
10. Any Bug or crash or any proplem send report your char name send to ( devilsro.yui@gmail.com )
7.GM - Even GM is just human and have to behave,don't be arrogant or hostile.
GM must respect all the rules listed above. Breaking the rules will be punished by kicking from the DevilSro team.
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[GM] Rules
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