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 New Update [11-3-2013]

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PostSubject: New Update [11-3-2013]   Sun Apr 07, 2013 3:24 pm

Game Update...

1-Add 2012 New Arabian Avatar
2-Add The King Mole (Unique)
3-Add King Hyungno Ghost (Unique)
4-Add New Stone D11 (Add to NPC Soon )
5-Arena coin drop from mobs in jop cave
*[mob name ] Sand Scout level 107
*[mob name ] Blood Khepri level 108
6-Add reward of Fortress to Guild Master
7-Unique Event is Started
8-Fixed skill of warlock probability
Wepsite Update .
1-Update paypal to buy Angel Spi
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New Update [11-3-2013]
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