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 Devilsro Rules

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PostSubject: Devilsro Rules   Sun Apr 07, 2013 11:04 pm

Hello This is DevilSro Online

1. Be friendly to other players! Flaming and insultions are forbidden!
2. Using bugs of any kind(exchange bug,...) during jobing,pvp or Fortress War is strictly forbidden.

1-Warnings: 1.DC
2.Three days ban
3.Seven days ban
4.Permanent ban

3. Advertising for other Servers and Websites is strictly forbidden, as well as spamming via Globals! - Permanent ban
4. Begging for Items and Events is not allowed!
5. pk2 Editing for character profit (Invisible-hack, ...) are not allowed!
6. Don't pretend to be a GM and don't use an account or character name similar to a GM.
7. Do NOT share your account info with anyone else, we are not responsible for hacking of accounts if you share your info.
8. Boting is allowed!
9. If you find someone breaking the rules contact GM or Support.
10. Exchange bugg is not allowed
11. Server limit plus if you item +22 with advance will back to +20
12. Server limit plus if you item +20 with out advance will not changed
13. Any Bug or crash or any proplem send report your char name sned to ( devilsro.yui@gmail.com )
14. Dont ask GM for item or event

This Rules By Yui & [GM]_FiRaRiST_

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Devilsro Rules
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